AAOK A02 High Quality OEM Vape Pen Accessories 380mah Rechargeable vape ecig pens

Size: 110.54*20.7*11.5
Filling volume: 1.8ml
Heating wire: ceramic heating wire
Suction resistance: 700Pa
Number of mouths: about 500 mouths
Can it be charged: Yes, TYPE-C charging port
WeChat & Phone: 13688838885
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AAOK electronic atomizer product categories include:

  Disposable electronic atomizers: rechargeable and oil-filled, rechargeable and non-oil-filled, non-oil-filled and non-rechargeable electronic atomizers

Cartridge cartridge electronic atomizer: cartridge cartridge can not be filled with oil, cartridge cartridge can not be replaced, cartridge cartridge rechargeable electronic atomizer

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   AAOK brand belongs to Shenzhen Kechaoda Technology Co., LTD., is one of the top 500 enterprises in Shenzhen. Abundant capital, large stock spot.

The company has experienced r & D and management personnel, the implementation of a high standard of quality management system, equipped with advanced automation equipment, spare parts centralized cash procurement, in the price has a huge advantage.






E-cigarettes have quick delivery and low price

E-cigarettes are of good quality, and customers say they taste pure

E-cigarette customers have a second order, sales are good


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