The requirements and functions of the Shenzhen market supervision department for e-cigarette industry regulations

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Update time : 2021-12-14 16:17:44

  On June 26, 2021, the Baoan Bureau of Shenzhen Municipal Market and Quality Control Management Committee conducted a counseling theme activity for lower-level companies. Invited by the Electronic Cigarette Committee Industry Faderation of the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, the responsible persons of the Standard Metrology Inspection Section, Quality Section, Patent Section, Supervision Section and other departments of Baoan Bureau attended, and personally interpreted the product quality standards and intellectual property rights for e-cigarettes in detail. , Standard setting review and reporting, application for current policies for assistance and rewards, etc. The holding of the "E-cigarette Industry Standards Implementation Meeting" is a strategy for government agencies and industry research associations to promote the development trend of new industrial standards, and it is of great significance.
   What is the practical significance of holding the e-cigarette specification implementation meeting?
Mr. Ma Yun once said in the "Fourth Huishang Community Forum" that the most important standard of a first-class company depends on responsibility. To truly become a first-class company in the world, you need to have a first-class life, vision and Take responsibility. The formulation of industry standards encourages companies to participate in the industry’s basic construction, and entrepreneurs at full capacity eliminate the enthusiasm that has been seen to promote progress. This is the e-cigarette industry that is increasingly united, especially with the strong support of regional government agencies. An unprecedented development trend stage.
As everyone in the e-cigarette industry knows, the recent e-cigarette industry has relatively large objections, and the characteristics of safety products and physical conditions have been frequently destroyed. It is an urgent daily task to create a model brand image that is typical of the industry norms. The local government station It’s a great help to the region’s industrial chain. The current regional policy has issued a reward asset of 3 million to 5 million. The person responsible for the relevant business process will be educated personally to implement and train the new national policy. Work, this has greatly encouraged people in the industry and benefited a lot. For example, Zheng Suihua, deputy bureau of Baoan Bureau of Shenzhen Municipal Market and Quality Control Commission, proposed that the company improve product quality, customer first, raise the concept of standards, and occupy the leading power of standards. At the same time, it must strive to become an independent brand and strengthen existing intellectual property rights. Next, the person in charge of the Quality Department of Baoan Bureau Rao Yuan shared the "Industrial Policies and Operating Procedures Involving the Quality Department", the Chief of Standard Metrology Verification Department Huang Pupeng shared the "E-cigarette Industry Standardization Management Method Implementation Study and Training", and the Patent Department Minister Feng Jianming shared the "Publicity and Education of Current Policies for Patent Assistance and Reward in Bao'an District" and so on.
Another highlight of this e-cigarette specification implementation meeting is the implementation of the publicity and planning "T/CECC 1-2017 General Specification for Electronic Cigarette Atomization Equipment" and "T/CECC 2-2017" formulated by the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce According to our understanding, this is also the first set of e-cigarette team standards in my country’s e-cigarette industry. It has universal and long-term practical significance to fill the vacancies in my country’s e-cigarette sales market specifications. The drafters of the standard Zhang Yuxin and Kuang Liping each made detailed presentations on the standard's quality regulations, performance indicators, test standards, after-sales maintenance services, etc., and introduced in detail that the packaging box of the Hengxin Group Yunxiang M1 Cigarette Egg has already marked the two major items. The standard implementation identification code.
Shenzhen is an open and tolerant city. Just like the style of the administrative department of the regional government, it has the courage to forge ahead, be realistic, innovative and efficient. The development trend of the e-cigarette industry has benefited from the excellent green ecological soil layer created by the government department of one party. Shenzhen’s entire industrial chain has made e-cigarette companies and even the world inseparable from Shenzhen. Shenzhen has become the world’s largest e-cigarette manufacturing city, import and export city, leading foreign trade exports across the country, and Shenzhen’s administrative agencies are concerned The development trend of e-cigarettes is particularly important. Proper and correct guidance, standardization, and promotion are the main research topics encountered by the government. It is necessary to analyze the standardization work and the industry research committees to cooperate with each other.

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